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Amie Gosselin

Amie Gosselin


Hello there, glad you dropped by. I'm Amie and I want to help you tell your brand's story. With my BA in Journalism (University of Regina, 2005), 10 years of experience in non-profit communications, lots of writing on my resume, and a passport full of stamps from far-off lands, I bring a global perspective to writing and brand development.


Brand Development

The right words to articulate your brand's personality.

Communications Strategy

Delivering the voices and stories your audience wants to hear.

Copywriting and Editing

Researched articles and blogs that pursue your business goals.


  • Amie is talented, highly intelligent and tremendously creative. She writes with a level of honesty, authenticity and clarity which consistently captures the heart and essence of every story. Amie is the consummate professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Logan Hodgson
  • Amie has edited all of my graduate level papers and assignments. She has an astonishing talent for manipulating my words in such a way that she adds professionalism and cleverness to my work without sacrificing content or my unique writers-voice. Her ability to notice any and every grammatical error no matter how small or seemingly insignificant is truly remarkable. She is kind in her comments and inspires me not only to think carefully about what my words mean but also inspires me to be a better writer. I recommend her to everyone!

    Sarah Larson
  • I had the pleasure of working with Amie during my time in Cambodia. She is creative, cutting-edge, and writes in a way that relates to all audiences. Amie also goes above and beyond to make whomever she works with feel comfortable, and has a gift of getting to the root of whatever she writes about. She was a mentor and I continue to follow her work for creative inspiration.

    Catherine Kirkendall
  • "You seem to have a gift for understanding what someone is trying to say."

    Patrick Kongawi

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