Weekend Links (Nov. 9 2017)

I was taught in journalism school that great writers are great readers. I’ve pulled together weekend links to fill your minds with inspiration and ideas.

If we want to write, we need to read a wide range of styles and topics and authors. And so I give you my favourite links gleaned from the web this week. There’s a little inspiration, a little fun, and a few deep thoughts (and also my own byline!)

Weekend links: fill up with fun, inspiring and thoughtful ideas

That time I found my byline:

Ready to learn leadership and life skills? Call the Doctor! (Learning Resources Blog) 

I’ve been told over the years to write what I know. This is what I know: raising kids is a wild and crazy adventure; kids love playing and make-believe; kids love playing with mom and dad. It’s really fun to include my kids in my work and write about what I know! Here we are on the Learning Resources blog this week learning leadership and life skills with a Doctor Kit.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Local SEO Holiday Checklist (Moz Blog)

An organized checklist to make the most of the holiday shopping season.


What happened when I didn’t complain for 30 days (Success Magazine) 

The snow is falling in sheets. Then it’s melting. There are ten million things to be annoyed at as winter sets in. But what would happen if we just stopped being annoyed and chose to not complain? We might all be happier, like this lady found.

How to Talk to your kids about Remembrance Day (Huffington Post)

Every year it’s a struggle to know how to discuss this with the kids. This article has some good tips.

Fun & Inspiration

Uber + Nasa = flying cars?  (Fast Company)

I’m interested in any tech advances that bring Back to the Future to my real life.

Micro-Generation Born Between 1977-1983 Given New Name  (Sammiches & Psych Meds)

Yasssss! This makes so much sense. I am a true Xennial, apparently. Favourite quote:

“We didn’t know what a selfie was. When we took a million close-up photos with our friends, we had to point the camera at our faces, from arm’s length, and hope for the best. We wouldn’t  discover that half of them were blurry and half of them were just pictures of our foreheads until two weeks later. And by a million photos, I mean 24, because that’s how many photos you could take on the average roll of film.”

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Friday Fun Links

7 tools I can’t live without as a freelancer

Weekend Links (Nov. 3 2017)

My top round-up of posts from the interwebz this week. Enjoy!

  1. 3 Unmistakable Signs of True Leadership, According to an Author Who Interviewed 525 CEOs. (Inc) Best quote: “I tell people, just show up, get in the game, go play in traffic. Something good will come of it, but you’ve got to show up…”.
  2. Why You’ve Got to Put Your Phone Down…Seriously. (Success Magazine). Why? Because it could be hurting short term memory, that’s why.
  3. Unfiltered: How to Show Up in Local Search Results (Moz Blog). If you’ve noticed local search isn’t bringing up your business, this article has some good tips.
  4. 5 Pieces of Inspiration, and Tips, for Travel in Turbulent Times. (NYTimes). This article did my soul good. I’m an avid traveller, but even after birthing two children abroad and living overseas for 6 years, all the scary stuff on the news makes my all time favourite activity feel dangerous.  Calm down, be smart, and carry on travelling.
  5. This is Why We Default to Criticism (And How To Change) (FastCompany). For anyone heading into annual reviews – giving or receiving them – some great suggestions in this piece.
  6. How to Stay Focused When You’re Working from Home (Harvard Business Review).
  7. Planting Trees With Drones (Standford Social Innovation Review). Say WHAT? Cool!

Which ideas, resources or articles stuck out to you this week?

Friday Fun Links

It’s always a thrill to see a post I’ve written published. Today my article about practicing thankfulness with kids is on the Learning Resources Blog.

This project was not Pinterest-worthy at all. It had weird scribbles and doodles from a six and four-year-old, a bunch of newspaper and magazine clippings, and a smattering of words describing things I’m grateful for. 

And yet still, it’s the process of practicing gratitude as a family that will develop the discipline in my kids. The experience was good for me too!

Read the full blog post here.

7 tools I can’t live without as a freelancer

In my work as a consultant, I often have what feels like ten million things on the go. On any given day, I could be divvying up my time between talking digital marketing strategy with a client, drafting and scheduling social media posts, piecing together an e-newsletter or researching and writing new articles and blogs.

The people and companies I work with are as varied as can be so I have to be ready to switch gears quickly. Over time, and with no small help to the online resources and apps out there, I’ve learned time management skills that help me juggle deadlines and projects.

These are my favourites, in no particular order. (No one is paying me for this list.) I use these resources every day (many of the following were used to create this blog post) and like them enough to share.

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